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Shunmin Akatsuki wo Oboezu (春眠暁を覚えず – In Spring One Sleeps a Sleep That Knows No Dawn)

Shunmin Akatsuki wo Oboezu 春眠暁を覚えず The temperature was so pleasant today’s morning that I overslept. 今日は気温が心地よく、つい寝坊してしまいました。 It is shunmin akatsuki Read More
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Sumimasen (すみません – Sorry/Thanks)

Sumimasen すみません Japanese people often say すみません (sumimasen) when they want to express their feelings of apology or appreciation. 日本では、謝罪や感謝の気持ちを表す時、よく「すみません」と言います。 Read More