Tama no Koshi ni Noru (玉の輿に乗る – Cinderella Story)

  • Tama no Koshi ni Noru


    When a woman marries a rich or high-ranked man, and she herself comes to have such a status, we describe it as the phrase ‘tama no koshi ni noru’ (玉の輿に乗る).

    Tama‘ (玉) means something beautiful or jewelry, and ‘koshi‘ (輿) means a vehicle carried by several people that high-ranked people ride.

    That is to say, ‘tama no koshi‘ means a noble and beautiful vehicle for high-ranked people.

    If a low-ranked woman married a high-ranked man, she would ride a tama no koshi.

    Because of this, we have come to say ‘tama no koshi ni noru‘ (玉の輿に乗る – literally “to ride a tama no koshi”) to describe such a woman.

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    • It’s called a litter or palanquin


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