Saishoku Kenbi (才色兼備 – Being both Talented and Beautiful)

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    Saishoku Kenbi


    Have you ever seen a person with both talent and beautiful features?

    Such a person is described as the four-character idiom ‘saishoku kenbi’ (才色兼備).

    Sai‘ (才) means “talent/gift” and ‘shoku‘ (色) means “features,” so the combination ‘saishoku‘ (才色) means “talent and beautiful features.”
    「才」は “talent/gift”、「色」は “features” を意味するので、「才色」は “talent and beautiful features” を意味します。

    In addition, ‘ken‘ (兼) means “both” and ‘bi‘ (備) means “to have,” so the literal meaning of ‘saishoku kenbi’ is “to have both talent and beautiful features.”
    また、「兼」は “both”、「備」は “to have” を意味するので、「才色兼備」の文字どおりの意味は “to have talent and beautiful features” となります。

    It can also mean a person having both brains and beauty.

    Note that this idiom is usually used to women.

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