Keizoku wa Chikara Nari (継続は力なり – Practice Makers Perfect)

  • Keizoku wa Chikara Nari


    This is my 1500th post.

    Today I would like to introduce the phrase ‘keizoku wa chikara nari‘ (継続は力なり), which is the motto of many people.

    Keizoku‘ (継続) means “continuity,” ‘chikara‘ (力) means “power,” and ‘nari‘ (なり) means “to be,” so the literal meaning of this phrase is “continuity is power.”
    「継続」は “continuity”、「力」は “power” を意味するので、「継続は力なり」の文字どおりの意味は “continuity is power” となります。

    As the literal meaning says, this phrase represents the importance of continuing for anything.

    It can be translated in English as “persistence pays off,” “practice makes perfect,” or “endurance makes you stronger.”
    英語では “persistence pays off” や “practice makes perfect”、”endurance makes you stronger” のように訳されます。

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