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Kakuritsuki (確率機 – Crane Game with Probability Control): Part 1

  • Kakuritsuki: Part 1

    確率機 Part 1

    Today, I played various types of crane games.

    It was fun, but I struggled with some kakuritsuki (確率機) quite a bit.

    In Japan, many crane games are unofficially known as kakuritsuki.

    Since kakuritsu (確率) means “probability,’ and ki (機) means “machine,” the literal meaning of kakuritsuki is “probability machine.”
    「確率」は “probability”、「機」は “machine” を意味するので、「確率機」の文字どおりの意味は “probability machine” となります。

    In other words, it refers to crane game machines where the crane arm’s grip strength is controlled to become stronger at a certain probability (or after a certain number of attempts).

    When the arm’s grip is weak, it is extremely difficult to lift and carry the prize, but after spending a certain amount of money, the arm’s grip becomes strong enough, making it easier to obtain the prize.

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