Hō ga Ochiru (頬が落ちる – Very Delicious)

  • Hō ga Ochiru


    To describe that something is very delicious, you can use the Japanese phrase hō ga ochiru (頬が落ちる).

    Since hō/hoho (頬) means “cheek” and ochiru (落ちる) means “to drop,” the literal meaning of hō ga ochiru is “one’s cheeks drop.”
    「頬」は “cheek”、「落ちる」は “to drop” を意味するので、「頬が落ちる」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s cheeks drop” となります。

    It is thought that this phrase came from the fact that when you eat something delicious, you feel a sensation as if your cheeks are pulled down due to the secretion of a large amount of saliva.

    You can also say hoppeta ga ochiru (ほっぺたが落ちる), by using the slang term hoppeta (ほっぺた – meaning “cheek”) instead of hō/hoho.

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