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Spoonerism: Part 2

  • Spoonerism: Part 2

    スプーナリズム Part 2

    One of my favorite spoonerisms in Japanese is gotsu gotsu no ahan (ゴツゴツのアハン).

    The original phrase is atsu atsu no gohan (アツアツのごはん – meaning “hot rice”). It becomes gotsu gotsu no ahan by switching a (ア) and go (ご).
    元は “hot rice” を意味する「アツアツのごはん」という句であり、「ア」と「ご」を置換することで「ゴツゴツのアハン」となります。

    Gotsu gotsu (ゴツゴツ) is an onomatopoeic word that describes something rugged or someone with a rough appearance or character.

    In addition, ahan (アハン) has the image of a line uttered by a sexy woman.

    The combination of these two incongruous terms into gotsu gotsu no ahan results in a phrase with a humorous and unintelligible sound.

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