Atarimae (当たり前 – Of Course) Part 2

  • Atariame Part 2

    当たり前 Part 2

    This entry is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

    The other theory of atarimae (当たり前 – “of course/natural/obvious”) is that it comes from the phonetic equivalent.

    Since 当 and 前 can be read as and zen, respectively, the combination 当前 can be read as tōzen, and the phonetic equivalent term tōzen (当然) means “of course” or “by rights.”
    「前」は「ぜん」と読むことができるため、「当前」と書いて “of course” を意味する「当然」と同じ読みを持たせることができます。

    By using Japanese readings for 当前, the term atarimae (当たり前) was born.

    Incidentally, please be careful when you use atarimae, because it is often used sarcastically.

    One thought on “Atarimae (当たり前 – Of Course) Part 2

    • Great site, dōmo arigatō gozaimasu! I come back here regularly. So instructive!
      If i may say so, it is “born”, without “e”. “Borne” has a different meaning.
      Please continue this marvelous work, i appreciate it very much.



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