em>Rekki toshita (れっきとした – Respectable/Authentic)

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    Rekki toshita


    When describing that someone is highly respectable or something is authentic with no shadow of doubt, you can say ‘rekki toshita‘ (れっきとした) in Japanese.

    Originally, ‘rekki‘ was written as 歴 in kanji, and was read as ‘reki‘.

    The character 歴 has the meaning of “clear” or “obvious”.

    In addition, ‘toshita‘ (とした) means that something is being so.

    Because of this, ‘rekki toshita’ came to mean that someone/something is obviously respectable/authentic.

    For example, you can say ‘kare wa rekki toshita isha da‘ (彼はれっきとした医者だ – “He is a highly respectable doctor.”

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