Ikagawashii (いかがわしい)

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    Today I saw ‘ikagawashii yume‘ (いかがわしい夢).

    Ikagawashii‘ (いかがわしい) is an adjective that means “dubious” or “doubtful,” and ‘yume‘ (夢) means “dream.”
    「いかがわしい」は「怪しげな」や「疑わしい」という意味の形容詞で、「夢」は “dream” を意味します。

    Ika‘ (いか) was a word expressing a feeling of doubt, and it became a basis of ‘ikaga‘ (いかが), which is an adverb that is used to asking for opinions. Furthermore, ikaga changed to the adjective ‘ikagashi‘ (いかがし), and it finally changed to ikagawashii.

    However, note that these days ikagawashii often means “obscene” or “unethical.”

    For example, if you say ikagawashii yume, it will probably mean “wet dream” or “lewd dream.”

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