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Jinsei Yama Ari Tani Ari (人生山あり谷あり – Life Has Its Ups and Downs)

  • Jinsei Yama Ari Tani Ari


    In a long life, there are hardships as well as joys.

    This idea is sometimes expressed as jinsei yama ari tani ari (人生山あり谷あり) in Japanese.

    Jinsei (人生) means “life.”
    Yama (山) means “mountain.”
    Ari (あり) means “there is.”
    Tani (谷) means “valley.”
    「人生」・・・ “life”
    「山」・・・ “mountain”
    「あり」・・・ “there is”
    「谷」・・・ “valley”

    Therefore, the literal meaning of this phrase is “In life, there are mountains and valleys.”
    したがって、この言葉の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    Here, “mountains” metaphorically represent hardships, and “valleys” represent enjoyable times.

    It can be translated into English as “Life has its ups and downs.”
    英語では “Life has its ups and downs” のように訳されます。

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