Sandome no Shōjiki (三度目の正直 – The Third Time’s the Charm)

  • Sandome no Shōjiki


    Recently I have been looking for a new job.

    Unfortunately, I failed in job interviews several times, but it seems that somehow I would pass the interview last week.

    If you want to express that the first and second time would not go well, but the third time would go well like my case, you can use a Japanese proverb, ‘sandome no shōjiki‘ (三度目の正直).

    San‘ (三) means “three,” ‘dome‘ (度目) means “__ times” or “__th,” and ‘shōjiki‘ means “sincerity.”
    「三」は “three,” 「度目」は “__ times” や “__th,” 「正直」は “sincerity” を意味します。

    However, I failed in interviews three times, and it went well in the fourth interview, so I should say ‘yondome no shōjiki‘ (四度目の正直 – the fourth time’s the charm).

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