【No. 0】
Nigashita Sakana wa Ookii (逃した魚は大きい)

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    Nigashita Sakana wa Ookii


    Today, I knew that I missed a very big chance.

    However, something that you were about to get but missed may looks greater than it is.

    There is a proverb to express the fact; it is ‘nigashita sakana wa ookii’ (逃がした魚は大きい).

    Nigashita‘ (逃がした) means “missed,” ‘sakana‘ (魚) means “fish,” and ‘ookii‘ (大きい) means “big,” so the literal meaning of this proverb is “the missed fish was big.”
    「逃した」は “missed”、「魚」は “fish”、「大きい」は “big” を意味するので、このことわざの文字どおりの意味は “the missed fish was big” となります。

    Anyway, in order not to regret, I will try to seize a chance as soon as it comes in front of me.

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