Miotosu/Minogasu (見落とす/見逃す – Missing)

  • Miotosu/Minogasu


    Today, I was checking again the corrections that I received on Lang-8.
    今日、私は Lang-8 上で受けた添削を見直していました。

    At that time, I found that I forgot to say “Thank you” for about 20 corrections.
    すると、約20個ほど、”Thank you” の返事をし忘れている添削がありました。

    I replied to them, but I feel sorry for not being able to notice them soon.

    Like this case, to miss something is said as ‘miotosu‘ (見落とす) or ‘minogasu‘ (見逃す) in Japanese.

    Mi‘ (見) means “look,” ‘otosu‘ (落とす) means “drop,” and ‘nogasu‘ (逃す) means “miss.”
    「見」は “look”、「落とす」は “drop”、「逃す」は “miss” を意味します。

    Both of them have the meaning of “to miss something,” but ‘miotosu’ can also mean to pretend not to see something.

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