Ki ga Furetu (気が触れる – Losing One’s Mind)

  • Ki ga Furetu


    Today, I was about to take an act called ‘ki ga furetu‘ (気が触れる).

    ‘Ki ga furetu’ means to lose one’s mind or become crazy.

    Ki‘ (気) in ‘ki ga futeru’ means “mind” or “spirit.”
    「気」は “mind” や “spirit” を意味します。

    Fureru‘ (触れる) means “to touch” in most cases, but it can also mean “to be crazy.”
    「触れる」はほとんどの場合 “to touch” を意味しますが、”to be crazy” を意味することもできます。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘ki ga fureru’ is “one’s mind becomes crazy.”
    すなわち「気が触れる」の文字どおりの意味は、 “one’s mind becomes crazy” となります。

    In present Japan, I think that ‘ki ga hureru’ is the only idiom that uses the verb ‘fureru’ as the meaning of “to be crazy.”

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