Shinki Itten (心機一転 – Turning Over a New Leaf)

  • Shinki Itten


    Two days ago, I introduced you to the phrase “ki ga ki de nai” (気が気でない – anxious), because I was terribly anxious about a result of a certain thing.

    Unfortunately, I received a negative result and was very depressed yesterday.

    However, I would like to renew my mind and do my best from today.

    To express this my thought, I can say the four-character idiom, shinki itten (心機一転).

    Shin (心) means ‘heart,’ ki (機) means ‘impulse,’ i/ichi (一) means ‘one,’ and ten (転) means ‘rolling.’
    「心」は “mind/heart,” 「機」は “impulse,” 「一」は “one,” そして 「転」は “rolling” を意味します。

    That is to say, shinki means “mind movement,” itten means “something changes drastically,” and the combination means “to turn over a new leaf.”
    すなわち「心機」は “mind movement,” 「一転」は “something changes drastically,” そして「心機一転」は “to turn over a new leaf” を意味するというわけです。

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