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Ishin Denshin (以心伝心 – Heart-to-Heart Communication)

  • Ishin Denshin


    The four-character idiom ishin denshin (以心伝心) describes a situation where you and someone else understand each other’s thoughts without using words.

    This idiom can be read in kunyomi (Japanese reading) as kokoro wo motte kokoro ni tsutau (心を以て心に伝う).

    Kokoro (心) means “mind,” motte (以て) means “with,” and tsutau/tsutaeru (伝う/伝える) means “to convey.” Therefore, the literal meaning of this expression is “to convey from one mind to another with the mind.”
    「心」は “mind”、「以て」は “with”、「伝う/伝える」は “to convey” を意味するので、この表現の文字どおりの意味は “to convey from one mind to another with the mind” となります。

    Originally, ishin denshin was a Buddhist term, referring to the transmission of Buddhism’s profound teachings from a master to the disciple through the mind.

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