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Yokoyari wo Ireru (横槍を入れる – Interrupting)

  • Yokoyari wo Ireru


    The Japanese idiom yokoyari wo ireru (横槍を入れる) means to interrupt someone else’s conversation or work.

    Since yoko (横) means “side,” yari (槍) means “spear,” and ireru (入れる) means “to insert,” the literal meaning of yokoyari wo ireru is “to insert a spear from the side.”
    「横」は “side”、「槍」は “spear”、「入れる」は “to insert” を意味するので、「横槍を入れる」の文字どおりの意味は “to insert a spear from the side” となります。

    Originally, this phrase described a kind of attack on a battlefield; during a battle between two armies, you would launch an attack from the side.

    Later, it came to be used in everyday conversation to mean a third party interferes from the side.

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