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Takw wo Watta Yōna (竹を割ったような – Straightforward)

  • Takw wo Watta Yōna


    A person who has a straightforward and unpretentious character is sometimes described as take wo watta yōna (竹を割ったような) in Japanese.

    Since take (竹) means “bamboo,” watta/waru (割った/割る) means “to split,” and yōna (ような) means “like,” the literal meaning of take wo watta yōna is “like splitting bamboo.”
    「竹」は “bamboo”、「割った/割る」は “to split”、「ような」は “like” を意味するので、「竹を割ったような」の文字どおりの意味は “like splitting bamboo” となります。

    When you try to split bamboo into two vertically, it will split cleanly and straight.

    From there, take wo watta yōna came to describe a personality or nature that is straight and refreshing.

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