WarioWare: Move It!

  • Today, I completed the story mode of WarioWare: Move It!


    The concept of the WarioWare series is saitan (最多 – “most”), saitan (最短 – “shortest”), saisoku (最速 – ‘fastest’), featuring various minigames, also known as “microgames,” each lasting about 5 seconds.
    今日、「超おどる メイド イン ワリオ」のストーリーモードをクリアしました。

    As the title “Move It!” suggests, this game is played by moving. By the way, the Japanese title is Chō Odoru (超踊る), which means “super dancing.”
    「メイドインワリオ」は、5秒程度で終わるミニゲーム(プチゲーム)を次々とプレイしていく内容となっており、「最多 最短 最速」がシリーズのコンセプトとなっています。

    Since many of the games were played by holding the Joy-Con controllers and moving your body, it was tiring but fun.

    In the story mode, when you run out of lives, a “Revival Ritual” occurs. Here, if you perform a little embarrassing pose called “Sacred Pose,” you can revive.
    Joy-con を持って体を動かして突破するミニゲームが中心となっており、疲れましたが楽しかったです。

    In other words, if you can endure the embarrassment, you can continue the game.

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