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Owari no Hajimari (終わりの始まり – The Beginning of the End)

  • Owari no Hajimari


    When I heard the announcement of the closure of Lang-8, the phrase owari no hajimari (終わりの始まり) came to my mind.
    Lang-8 閉鎖のお知らせを聞いたとき、「終わりの始まり」というフレーズが頭に浮かびました。

    Since owari (終わり) means “end,” and hajimari (始まり) means “beginning,” the literal meaning of owari no hajimari is “the beginning of the end.”
    「終わり」は “end”、「始まり」は “begin” を意味するので、「終わりの始まり」の文字どおりの意味は “the beginning of the end” となります。

    This phrase is often used in a negative context, to describe situations where something begins to move toward an end or a hopeless state.

    After Lang-8 closes, I will continue to post my essays on X and my website at my own pace.

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