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Warikan (割り勘 – Dutch Treat) Part 3

  • Warikan

    割り勘 Part 3

    Today I’d like to introduce expressions for “warikan” (割り勘 – dutch treat) in various countries.

    In Italy, it is called “alla romana,” which translated into “to pay like people of Roma.”
    イタリアでは「ローマ風に支払う」を意味する “alla romana” が使われます。

    In Romania, it is called “plăti nemțește,” which is tsanlated into “to pay by German style.”
    ルーマニアでは「ドイツ人式支払い」を意味する “plăti nemțește” が使われます。

    In China, a senior or a person who invite others usually pay the all amount.

    However, it seems that recent young Chinese tend to split the bill, and it’s called “AA-sei” (AA制 – Algebraic Average System).
    しかし最近では学生を中心に、割り勘による支払いも増加しており、「AA制」(”Algebraic Average System” の意)と呼ばれているようです。

    Also, it’s especially called “Japanese AA-sei” (日本式AA制) when they want to imply a stingy/petty impression.

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