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Kani no Yokobai (蟹の横這い)

  • Kani no Yokobai


    Since I ate a crab last night, I’d like to talk about a Japanese proverb related to “crab,”

    It’s “kani no yokobai” (蟹の横這い).

    The “kani” (蟹/カニ) means “crab” and the “yokobai” (横這い) means “sideways movement,” so the literal meaning of the combination is “sideways movement of a crab.”
    「蟹」は “crab,” 「横這い」は “sideways movement” を意味するので、「蟹の横這い」の文字どおりの意味は “sideways movement of a crab” となります。

    Although the sideways movement of a crab looks unnatural for us, it’s the most appropriate way of moving for crabs.

    Therefore, this proverb says that even if it looks inconvenience for others, the way might appropriate for the person himself/herself.

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