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Nakute Nanakuse (なくて七癖 – Every Man Has His Own Peculiar)

  • Nakute Nanakuse


    Do you have any habits?

    Even if you think you don’t have any habits, some will be found.

    To explain this fact, you can use the proverb nakute nanakuse (なくて七癖).

    Since nakute (なくて) means “don’t have,” nana (七) means “seven,” and kuse (癖) means “habit,” the literal meaning of nakute nanakuse is “(even) people with no habits have seven habits.”
    「なくて」は “don’t have”、「七」は “seven”、「癖」は “habit” を意味するので、「なくて七癖」の文字どおりの意味は “(even) people with no habits have seven habits” となります。

    Here, nana (七 – meaning “seven”) is just used to rhyme with na in nakute, and there is no meaning to the specific number “seven.”

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