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Ototoi Kiyagare (Come The Day Before Yesterday)

  • Ototoi Kiyagare


    Today, I’d like to tell you about the Japanese expression “ototoi kiyagare.”

    “Ototoi” means “the day before yesterday,” “kiyagare” means “come,” and “ototoi kiyagare” means something like “get out, don’t come again.”

    There are two theories that are related to the etymology of this expression.

    One of them is that since “ototoi” has also the meaning of “distant day,” “ototoi kiyagare” originally meant “don’t come until the distant day.”
    一つ目は、 一昨日が「遠い日」という意味を持つことから、「遠い日まで来るな」という意味であったという説です。

    The other one is that since to come the day after yesterday is impossible, “ototoi kiyagare” meant “it’s too late.”

    There are a similar phrase in English; “come when two Sundays meet.”
    英語にも、よく似た “come when two Sundays meet” という表現があります。

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