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IIdashippe (言い出しっぺ – The First One to Say Something)

  • IIdashippe


    A person who says something firstly is called 言い出しっぺ (iidashippe) in Japanese.

    言い出し (iidashi) means “to start saying something” or “to bring something up,” and ペ (pe) means “fart.”
    「言い出し」は “to start saying,” 「ぺ」は「屁」すなわち “fart” を意味します。

    This term comes from the rule of thumb that a person who says “it stinks” firstly must be the one who farted.

    Because of this, “iidashippe” is often used when someone insists that a person who brought something up firstly should take on the responsibility.

    This thought is sometimes referred to as 言い出しっぺの法則 (iidashippe no housoku – the rule of iidashippe).

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