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Tora no Ko (虎の子 – Precious Thing)

  • Tora no Ko


    Do you have any important things that you never want to let go?

    Such things are called 虎の子 (tora no ko) in Japanese.

    虎 (tora) means “tiger” and 子 (ko) means “child,” so the literal meaning of the combination is “tiger’s child.”
    虎は “tiger,” 子は “child” を意味するので、虎の子の文字通りの意味は “tiger’s child” になります。

    This term comes from the fact that a mother tiger cherishes her child.

    In fact, general feline animals nurture their children for three to six months after they were born, whereas tigers nurture their children for eighteen to twenty-four months.

    Incidentally, “tra no ko” can refer to money that has been saved, and then it’s translated as “nest egg” in English.
    ちなみに、「虎の子」は将来のための貯蓄を意味することもあり、その際は “nest egg” などと訳されます。

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