Ron yori Shōko (論より証拠 – Practice Is Better than Precept)

  • Ron yori Shōko


    When actual evidence is shown, things become clearer, and we don’t need to argue and think about it repeatedly.

    To explain this fact, you can use the Japanese proverb ron yori shōko (論より証拠).

    Since ron (論) means “opinion” or “view,” yori (より) means “more/better than,” and shōko (証拠) means “evidence,” ron yori shōko literally means “evidence is better than opinions.”
    「論」は「意見」や「見解」、「より」は “more/better”、「証拠」は “evidence” を意味するので、「論より証拠」の文字どおり “evidence is better than opinions” という意味になります。

    This proverb can be translated into English as “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” “Practice is better than precept,” or “Seeing is believing.”
    英語では The proof of the pudding is in the eating” や “Practice is better than precept”、 “Seeing is believing.”のように訳すことができます。

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