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Mizu no Hi (水の日 – Water Day)

  • Mizu no Hi


    Today, August 1st, is mizu no hi (水の日), the national day of Japan.

    Since mizu (水) means “water” and “hi” (日) means “day,” mizu no hi literally means “Water Day.”
    「水」は “water”、「日」は “day” を意味するので、「水の日」は文字どおり “Water Day” という意味になります。

    The purpose of mizu no hi is to raise awareness of the finite nature of water resources and importance of water. On this day, various water-related events, such as exhibitions and lectures, are held.

    Incidentally, a water-type Pokémon, vaporeon (called “showers” in Japan), was appointed as an ambassador to support mizuno hi this year.

    According to the Pokédex (illustrated Pokemon guide), the cellular structure of vaporeons’ bodies is similar to that of water.

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