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Mizu wo Sasu (水を差す – Casting a Damper)

  • Mizu wo Sasu


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese expression 話の腰を折る
    (hanashi no koshi wo oru), which means to interrupt others when theyare talking.

    Today I’d like to talk about the similar expression, 水を差す (mizu wo sasu).

    The 水 (mizu) means “water” and the 差す (sasu) means “to put in/pour,” so the literal meaning of this expression is “to put water in something.”

    If you put water in hot water or tasty dish, they will become tepid or thin, then they can be ruined.

    Because of this, 水を差す (mizu wo sasu) has come to be used the currect meaning.

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