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Hanashi no Koshi wo Oru (話の腰を折る – Interrupting when Someone is Talking)

  • Hanashi no Koshi wo Oru


    Today, I sometimes interrupted others in the middle of talking.

    Such an action is called 話の腰を折る (hanashi no koshi wo oru) in Japanese.

    The 話 (hanashi) means “story/conversation,” the 腰 (koshi) means “a lower back/waist,” and the 折る (oru) means “to break,” so the literal meaning of this term is “to break a lower back of conversation.”
    「話」は “story/conversation,” 「腰」は “lower back,” 「折る」は “to break” を意味するので、「話の腰を折る」の文字通りの意味は “to break a lower back of conversation” となります。

    “A lower back” is a very important part of the body, and if it’s hurt, it will become difficult to support your body.

    Because of this, 話の腰を折る has come to mean to interrupt when someone is talking.

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