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Shippo wo Maku (尻尾を巻く – Turning Tail)

  • Shippo wo Maku


    When there is no way to win, and you admit your defeat, it can be described as shippo wo maku (尻尾を巻く) in Japanese.

    Since shippo (尻尾) means “tail” and maku (巻く) means “to roll,” the literal meaning of shippo wo maku is “to roll one’s tail.”
    「尻尾」は “”、「巻く」は “” を意味するので、「尻尾を巻く」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    This phrase came from the fact that when an animal such as a dog loses a fight, it runs away while turning its tail between its legs.

    In many cases, this phrase is used as shippo wo maite nigeru (尻尾を巻いて逃げる – “to turn one’s tail and run away”), by adding nigeru (逃げる), which means “to run away.”
    多くの場合、”” を意味する「逃げる」を繋げて、「尻尾を巻いて逃げる」のように使われます。

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