Me and Foreign Languages

  • Me and Foreign Languages


    Today I would like to write my post under the theme of ‘me and the foreign language.’

    The reason that I study English is closely related to my purpose in life.

    I am currently researching diagnostic and measurement technology at my university, and I would like to become a researcher who is active on the front lines of that field.

    Toward this goal, two abilities are essential: one is the ability to read scientific papers written in English, and the other is the ability to disseminate study results to the world in English.

    Because of this, I learn and write English on Lang-8 every day.
    これら能力を身につけるため、私は毎日 Lang-8 に記事を投稿しています。

    However, these days I have not practiced listening and speaking; undoubtedly, I need more practices towards an international conference that is held after a few months.

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