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Lack of Sleep

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    Lack of Sleep


    These days I have trouble getting to sleep.

    I think the reason is that I fiddle with my computer and smartphone before going to bed or in bed.

    We sleep and wake up on a 24-hour cycle — this is thanks to ‘melatonin,’ which is known as a kind of hormones.

    During the night, the amount of melatonin secretion increases as it grows dark, and it makes you sleepy.

    In the morning, the melatonin secretion is suppressed when exposing to the strong light of the sun, and it causes you to awaken.

    Unfortunately, blue lights generated from computers or smartphones suppress the melatonin secretion just like when you are exposed to the sunlight.

    If you want to get a good quality sleep, you should not fiddle with computers nor smartphones in an hour before getting to bed.

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