The World’s Shortest Love Letter Part 2

  • The World’s Shortest Love Letter Part 2

    世界一短いラブレター Part 2

    When the New Year came, the research members in the Antarctic got messages with telegrams from their families.

    Among them, a wife of a member tried to send a message from Japan by her own hands with the help of engineers.

    The message was アナタ (read as ‘anata’), which means “you” in English.
    そのメッセージは、”you” を意味する「アナタ」の3文字でした。

    Since these characters looked as if it was a love letter containing various feelings, such as “love,” “loneliness,” and “anxiety,” the research members were deeply impressed.

    However, what she really wanted to say was “You, don’t drink too much.”

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