Poketto Beru (ポケットベル – Pager/Beeper) Part 2

  • Poketto Beru Part 2

    ポケットベル Part 2

    In my post yesterday, I wrote that poketto beru (ポケットベル – “pager/beeper”) has followed a course of decline.
    昨日、ポケットベル(英語では “pager” や “beeper”)は衰退の一途を辿っていると書きました。

    In fact, the telecommunication service for personal use will be terminated in September 2019, though the radio waves for poketto beru will continue to be used in the community wireless system for disaster prevention.

    Incidentally, poketto beru could send and receive characters such as alphabets and Katakana in the mid-1990s, but before that, it supported only digits.

    Because of this, various messages by combining several digits became popular.

    I will try to introduce those digit messages tomorrow.

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