Poketto Beru (ポケットベル – Pager/Beeper) Part 1

  • Poketto Beru Part 1

    ポケットベル Part 1

    In the 1990s, poketto beru (ポケットベル), commonly called pokeberu (ポケベル), was very popular in Japan.

    Poketto beru is a wireless telecommunications system to send signals or messages, and the name comes from two English terms, “pocket” and “bell” — it is known as “pager” or “beeper” in the U.S.
    「ポケットベル」は無線で合図を送るシステム(無線呼び出し)のことで、英語の “pocket” と “bell” を組み合わて作られた名称ですが、英語では “pager” や “beeper” と呼ばれます。

    Unfortunately, as mobile phones have become widespread since the mid-1990s, poketto beru has followed a course of decline.

    Eventually, it was decided that the telecommunication service for personal use will be terminated in September 2019.

    To be continued.

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