How to Read 2019

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    How to Read 2019


    This year is 2019 A.D.

    In Japan, the most common reading of 9 is kyū.

    On the other hand, when 9 is used with counter suffixes such as nen (年 – “year”), getsu/gatsu (月 – “month”), or ji (時 – “o’clock”), it is usually read as ku instead of kyū.

    In fact, the oldest Japanese broadcasting station defined the reading of 2019 nen (2019年 – “the year 2019”) as nisen jūku nen.

    (Note that the reading nisen jūkyū nen is not completely wrong.)

    However, 1999 nen (1999年 – “the year 1999”) is read as sen kyūhyaku kyūjū kyū nen to fix the rhythm of the words.

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