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My 31st Birthday

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    My 31st Birthday


    Today is my 31th birthday.

    In the past several years, I have spent my birthday alone.

    However, since I have someone who celebrates me this year, I’m looking forward to the small birthday party tonight.

    Incidentally, the Egnlish word “birthday” is referred to as ‘tanjōbi’ (誕生日 – literally “birthday” or “birth date”) in Japanese, whereas “birth date” is referred to as ‘seinen gappi’ (生年月日).
    ちなみに、”birthday” は日本語で「誕生日」ですが、”birth date” は「生年月日」と言います。

    ‘Sei’ (生) means “birth,” ‘nen’ (年) means “year,” ‘ga/getsu/tsuki’ (月) means “month,” and ‘pi/hi’ (日) means “day.”
    「生」は “birth,” 「年」は “year,” 「月」は “month,” 「日」は “day” を意味します。

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