Akuji Senri wo Hashiru (悪事千里を走る – Bad News has Wings)

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    Akuji Senri wo Hashiru


    If you do bad things, the rumor will spread rapidly.

    To express such a fact, you can use the proverb “akuji senri wo hashiru” (悪事千里を走る)

    Aku‘ (悪) means “bad” or “evil,” ‘ji‘ (事) means “thing,” ‘sen‘ (千) means “thousand,” ‘ri‘ (里) means a unit of length that represents about 4 kilometers, and ‘hashiru‘ (走る) means “to run.”
    「悪」とは “bad” や “evil,” 「事」は “thing,” 「千」は “thousand,” 「里」は 約4kmを表す距離の単位、「走る」は “run” を意味します。

    That is to say, this proverb implies that if someone does bad things, the fact or rumor will run over/spread around 4000 kilometers.

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