Taichō/Guai ga Warui (体調/具合が悪い – Feeling Sick)

  • Taichō/Guai ga Warui


    These days, I can say ‘taichō ga warui‘ (体調が悪い) about myself.

    Tai‘ (体) means “body” or “physical being,” ‘chō’ (調) means “condition,” ‘warui‘ (悪い) means “bad,” so ‘taichō ga warui’ literally means “one’s physical condition is bad.”
    「体」は “body/physical”、「調」は “condition”、「悪い」は “bad” を意味するので、「体調が悪い」 の意味は文字どおり “one’s body condition is bad” となります。

    When you want to say that your physical condition is bad, you can also use ‘guai ga warui‘ (具合が悪い) instead of ‘taicho ga warui’.

    Gu‘ (具/ぐ) means “condition” or “case,” and ‘ai‘ (合) means “fit,” so the literal meaning of ‘guai ga warui’ is “one’s fit condition is bad.”
    「具」は “condition” や “case”、「合」は “fit” を意味するので、「具合が悪い」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s fit condition is bad” となります。

    ‘Taichō ga warui’ can only be used for people, whereas ‘guai ga warui’ can be used for both people and things.

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