Shimekiri ni Owareru (締め切りに追われる – Being under a Deadline)

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    Shimekiri ni Owareru


    Since the deadline for a manuscript of an academic conference was 9 o’clock this morning, I worked through the night.

    (Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the deadline, and missed an opportunity to visit Italy.)

    Doing work desperately like this is often expressed as “shimekiri ni owareru” (締め切りに追われる) in Japanese.

    Shimekiri‘ (締め切り) means ‘deadline’ and ‘owareru‘ (追われる) means ‘being chased,’ so the literal meaning of this phrase is “being chased by a deadline.”
    「締め切り」は ‘deadline,’ 「追われる」は ‘being chased’ を意味するので、「締め切りに追われる」の文字通りの意味は “being chased by a deadline” となります。

    As you can guess, we use the verb ‘owareru‘ (追われる – being chased) to imply that the deadline is approaching.

    This phrase can be translated into English as “being under a deadline” or “facing the pressure of a deadline.”
    英語では “being under a deadline” や “facing the pressure of a deadline” のように表現されます。

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