Wanchan (ワンチャン – Possibility)

  • Wanchan


    I wrote that I couldn’t make a deadline for submission of manuscripts yesterday.

    However, there seems to be ‘wanchan‘ (ワンチャン).

    Wanchan‘ comes from the English “one chance,” and it means “there is a chance/possibility.”
    「ワンチャン」は英語の “one chance” からきており、「可能性がある」「チャンスがある」などの意味を持ちます。

    Originally, ‘wanchan‘ was used as a term of mah-jong, but these days young people often use it in various situations.

    Incidentally, when we say ‘wanchan‘ as the above meaning, we don’t stress it on any syllable.
    ちなみに、上述の意味の ‘wanchan’ (ワンチャン) にはアクセントがありません。

    If you accent the first syllable or write it as ワンちゃん (here, chan is written with Hiragana), it means a puppy or a cute dog.
    もし ‘wa’ にアクセントを置いたり、「ワンちゃん」のように「ちゃん」をひらがなで書くと、子犬やかわいい犬を指す言葉になることに注意して下さい。

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