Wanko and Nyanko (「わんこ」と「にゃんこ」 – Puppies and Kittens)

  • Wanko and Nyanko


    In my post yesterday, I told you that we sometimes call a puppy or a cute dog ‘wanchan‘ (わんちゃん).

    This word was made by adding the suffix ‘chan‘ (ちゃん), which is used when calling something with familiarity, to a dog’s bark ‘wan‘ (わん).

    In addition to ‘chan,’ you can choose another suffix ‘ko‘ (こ), which expresses familiarity — it becomes ‘wanko‘ (わんこ).

    Furthermore, if you want to refer to a kitten or a cute cat, you can say ‘nyanko‘ (にゃんこ); here, the ‘nyan‘ (にゃん) is a cry of a cat.

    However, for some reason, people rarely say ‘nyanchan‘ (にゃんちゃん).

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