The Meaning of Dog: Part 2

  • The Meaning of Dog: Part 2

    犬の意味 Part 2

    In Part 1, I introduced several slang meanings of “dog” in Japan.
    Part 1 では、日本における「犬」の比喩的な意味を紹介しました。

    In English, “dog” has several slang meanings, such as “an unattractive person,” “a worthless or contemptible person,” “human foot,” and “dude or fellow.”
    一方、英語の dog は、動物の犬以外にも、「呼びかけの言葉」「醜い人」「女癖の悪い男」「人間の足」ような意味があるようです。

    In Chinese, “dog (狗)” is used to describe a single man or woman in the form of “単身狗” (where “単身” means “single”).

    In Korean, “dog (개)” seems to have a meaning similar to the F-word in English.

    There are various meanings of “dog” in different countries, but it seems to have mostly negative nuances, so we need to be careful when using it.

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