Giga ga Nai (ギガがない – Reached Data Limit)

  • Giga ga Nai


    Many countries have data limitations or caps for smartphones.

    Have you ever reached the data limit of your contracted plan?

    In such situations, young Japanese people often say giga ga nai (ギガがない).

    While giga (ギガ) originally refers to a prefix for a unit representing 10 to the ninth power, it is also a slang term for the amount of data traffic.

    In addition, nai (ない) means “no/nothing,” so the literal meaning of giga ga nai is “no data traffic,” implying that you have reached the data limit.
    また、「ない」は “no/nothing” を意味するので、「ギガがない」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    The slang usage of giga originates from the fact that many Japanese mobile phone companies provide data plans in gigabyte units.

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