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Tajitatan (多事多端 – Eventful)

  • Tajitatan


    This is the first post for a month.

    I could not write English essays on Lang-8 because I have been given a lot of work from several facilities.

    To describe situations where you need to do many things and are busy, you can say the four-character idiom tajitatan (多事多端).

    Since ta (多) means “many,” ji (事) means “thing,” and tan (端) means “beginning/edge,” the literal meaning of tajitatan is “many things and beginnings.”
    「多」は “many”、「事」は “thing”、「端」は “beginning/edge” を意味するので、「多事多端」の文字どおりの意味は “many things and beginnings” となります。

    As you can image, a situation where there are many things that you have to begin is a very busy situation.

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