Ohisashi-buri Desu (お久しぶりです – It’s been a long time)

  • Ohisashi-buri Desu


    These days, I have been so busy that I could not afford to post on Lang-8.

    However, English is still essential in my work and life, so I would like to do my best again from today.

    At the beginning of this post, I wrote ohisashi-buri desu (お久しぶりです).

    O (お) is a polite prefix, hisashi (久し) means “a long time has passed,” buri (ぶり) means “the degree of time passed,” and desu (です) is a polite suffix.

    That is to say, ‘ohisashi-buri desu’ literally means “It’s been a long time” or “Long time no see.”
    すなわち「お久しぶりです」は、文字どおり “It’s been a long time” や “Long time no see” といった意味になります。

    When using this phrase to a close person such as friends or family, it is common to remove the polite parts and say just hisashi-buri (久しぶり).

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