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Kiyō Binbō (器用貧乏 – Jack of All Trades and Master of None)

  • Kiyō Binbō


    There is the word kiyō (器用), which means “dexterity.”
    “Dexterity” を意味する「器用」という言葉があります。

    In addition, there is the word binbō (貧乏), which means “poverty.”
    また、”poverty” を意味する「貧乏」という言葉があります。

    Combining these two words, we get the four-character idiom, kiyō binbō (器用貧乏).

    Kiyō binbō is used to describe a person who can do various things with dexterity but is unable to accomplish anything significant and is half-hearted.

    Here, the latter word binbō means something like “not having anything remarkable,” derived from the meaning of “not having money (poverty).”

    Note that this idiom sometimes has a positive nuance but usually carries a negative connotation.

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