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Tawakemono (たわけ者 – Fool)

  • Tawakemono


    Unfortunately, there are many たわけ者 (tawakemono) in the world.

    “Tawakemono” is a word that refers to a foolish person or a joker.

    たわけ (tawake) comes from the verb たわく/たわける (tawaku/tawakeru), which means to do something foolish/stupid thing, and 者 (mono) means a person.

    Also, there is another theory about the etymology of “tawake” — it comes from 田分け (tawake),

    田 (ta) means “field” and 分け (wake) means “to divide something,” so its meaning when being written by these kanji is “to divide a field.”
    「田」は “field,” 「分け」は “to divide something” を意味するので、この漢字を使ったときの「田分け」の意味は “to divide fields” となります。

    If you divide your field to your children, and your children divide the field to your grandchildren, someday the amount of harvest will be reduced due to the narrow area, and the family line will fall into a decline.

    That is to say, this theory implies that people who do such an act is foolish.

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